I am a Homeopath, teacher, and long-time practitioner of Buddhist meditation.  I complement my approach with Buddhist philosophy and contemplative methods for addressing underlying patterns of stress.  I maintain a private practice in Montreal and also work with clients at a distance.  

As a homeopath, I graduated from the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy, mentoring under Judyann McNamara and Carla Marcelis, along with training from homeopath Rajan Sankaran.  My previous education was in movement therapy and yoga, having studied with international instructors including Molly Lannon Kenny and Hart Lazer.  I instructed mindfulness and movement therapy programs for children and young adults, with a focus on autism spectrum disorders.  I have since worked with adults and teens facing challenges of depression and mental health, and brought meditation and contemplative programs to diverse populations including women’s groups, recovering addicts and dual-diagnosed young adults.

Currently, I am active in supporting the work of Homéopathes de Terre Sans Frontières (HTSF), as well as participating in homeopathic missions. I also work with a wonderful team at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (MICH). 

In Quebec, I am a professional member of l’Association RITMA (Regroupement des intervenants et thérapeutes en médecine alternative) and in Ontario, I am a registered member of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, Canada’s first college for Homeopaths.

more about me

I have been a long-time music lover.  I find an experience in music, whether listening or playing that is satisfying in countless ways.  I am drawn to nature, to the human experience and to the care of our world as a whole.

Adam Fiore, DHom, Nd Homeopath

What motivates me

I value a holistic approach that focuses on the unique experience of each person. This method, allowing for reflection, contemplation and subjective experience, resonates with me and informs the work I do.  From experiences in my life using naturopathic and homeopathic methods to heal, and their positive impact, I remain motivated to share my expertise while continuing to immerse myself in these healing traditions. Read more about my formal training and background below.

He addresses causes rather than symptoms

"I came across Adam and the practice of homeopathy after looking for alternative options to conventional prescription drugs and treatments. He addresses causes rather than symptoms and has helped me gain perspective and clarity.  I couldn't be happier with my choice to take this route and, with his guidance, take my health into my own hands."  (Adult female)


​"My first experience with a homeopath was certainly positive.  I had no idea what I was getting into but it was a helpful and insightful experience.  Adam was patient, kind, and asked great questions which led me to discover a deeper part of myself emotionally.  My stress levels where high at one time but with his insight and gentle probing I started to understand myself so much better.  He was much more effective than any psychologist I have ever see (I had just seen one over a 5 week period because of health and stress issues due to my job and everything, but what was discussed was superficial).  I have only good things to say about my experience with Adam and highly recommend him."  (Adult female)

he goes to the root of the problem and heals from there

"Adam can assess and remedy long-term ways of thinking and being that have affected my health over time. Instead of addressing physical symptoms, he goes to the root of the problem and heals from there. Highly skilled practitioner!"  (Adult female)

a good understanding of his patient's nature

"I found Adam to be professional and have a very good understanding of his patient's nature.  I would recommend Adam to anyone who is ready to try homeopathy."    (Mother, 6 year old boy)

i greatly appreciated

"​I was extremely pleased with the treatment I received from Adam. His thorough and gently guided interview along with the careful selection of remedy aided me in a way no other therapy had, with great results. I greatly appreciated Adam's professionalism, his considerate comments and observations, and warm personality - he made me feel comfortable from the start.  I'd feel confident recommending him to anyone.​"  (Adult female)

thorough and very patient

"I had a great experience with Adam as my homeopath. I found him thorough and very patient. He has a great capacity to listen attentively and feel into what is being said and beyond it. I recommend him and have referred people to see him. If you are looking for homeopathic support with someone who is passionate about homeopathy, go see Adam. You will be well taken care of and supported. I hope you find the right support for you!"  (Adult female)

helped me and my family

"All I can say is that I wish I had found Adam earlier in life! He has helped me and my family find natural ways to manage health problems, leaving us much happier, healthier, and more balanced. He is highly skilled in getting to the route of the problem and finding ways to restore our health and well-being. He is extremely caring, non-judgemental, and dedicated to promoting our wellness. I have gained more from consults with Adam than from consults with all other doctors and health care professionals. I would recommend him without an iota of hesitation."  (Adult female, daughter, son) 

Completely new to holistic medicine

​“Completely new to holistic medicine I was very impressed by the whole practice. The time that was taken understand my unique situation made all the difference. The openness you feel throughout allows you to be true to yourself and helps you understand your situation as much as it does the practitioner." (Adult male)

caring and knowledgeable practitioner

“As a fairly newcomer to holistic medicine I was so relieved to find a caring and knowledgeable practitioner who has nothing but the client's best interest at heart.  He took such time in listening to me to make sure he fully understood my situation.  His suggested treatment gave me the jump start to my healing I had been looking for." (Adult female)

willing to spend the time it takes to understand 

“A very caring and understanding practitioner. He is willing to spend the time it takes to understand the uniqueness of each of his clients, and is attentive to every detail you tell him.  When I came initially, I was experiencing a prolonged anxiety attack.  His treatment helped me to calm down, and his talk therapy helped me to understand the essence of what motivated me and what caused me to go into my emotional overdrive" (Adult female)






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